Day School FAQ

How is day school different than training done in daycare?

Training is daycare is done as a group and does not target specific cues for the individual dog. If a dog in daycare is already great at sit, we are still going to work on that cue as a group. Doggy daycare games can also not be done in an individual dog training session. Daycare has more free play than individual dog training and is meant for long term socialization.

What am I, as the dog parent, required to do?

We require that you follow all our training videos and practice at home as much as you can. This will all be outlined in your customized program after we learn more about your goals. You will be given video lessons from each school day. The videos should be practiced the following day (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday). Sunday will be for practicing all cues from the previous week. (Don't feel overwhelmed. It's easier than you think!) Since a certified trainer will be laying the ground work for you, your dog will have an easier time picking up what they've already learned. Don't have email and phone support.

How does the email support work?

Email support is available 24/7. Our certified dog trainers will get back to you in 24 business hours. If you have a question about your dog's behavior email support is your best friend! Email a video of your dog's behavior you have a question about. That way we can see the behavior first hand and can address the situation quicker. Email support continues for a month after your last day of class.

How does the phone support work?

Phone support is available during school hours Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am-4pm. You can call or text any questions you may have and your certified dog trainer will be available to help.


Who is Day School for?

  • Dogs that are dog and human friendly

  • Dogs that need help with their basic cues like sit, down, stay, recall, loose leash walking

  • Dogs that need help with advance cues and tricks

  • Dogs that could use extra enrichment in their life

  • Families looking for a basic obedience class

  • Families looking for a private dog trainer

Who is Day School not for?

  • Dogs with severe anxiety

  • Dogs with human aggression

  • Dogs with dog aggression


What's Included?

  • One hour of training each school day (6 hours)

  • Free daycare on school days 

  • Basic mental enrichment (Kong's, puzzles, games)

  • Custom dog training program fit to meet your family's goals

  • Videos of behaviors taught for each school day

  • Email and phone support for the duration of the class

  • Email support for one month after school

  • Worksheets to compliment the dog training lessons

  • A large 16oz treat box of Bow Wowz (sliced treats only, this will be used by our trainers daily for your dog only. Anything left will come home with your dog.)

What are you teaching my dog?

We can teach your dog a variety of cues based on your needs. If your dog has a perfect leave it, we'll focus on cues that either need help or you haven't started yet. If you want guidance we can help you identify which cues would benefit your lifestyle the best. We will generally work on 5-7 the following: sit, sit-stay, down-stay, recall, touch, loose leash walking, leave it, wait, and others depending on needs of the family.

How is this like a basic obedience class? 

Day school offers the same training cues to be taught such as, sit, stay, down, recall, touch, etc. Dogs will learn in an environment where other dogs are so socializing and distractions are both happening. You will also receive lessons to practice at home, just like a basic obedience class. 

How is it different from a basic obedience class?

Day school is individual training. Your certified dog trainer will spend a dedicated hour with your dog every day. The hour is split up through out the day with playtime, enrichment time, and training. Your dog's day will be filled with learning, relaxation, and play; all essential parts of learning.

How is it like private dog training?

Day school focuses on the individual dog and is able to give your family the best training options for you. We're able to bypass cues your dog already excels at and focus on cues that need some sharpening up.

How is it different from private dog training?

You will be able to work extremely close with your certified dog trainer. Since you are working with your dog trainer every other day there will be a lot of communication to make sure you're understanding what your dog is being taught. The Dog Sanctuary offers support for day school so if you ever have any doubt or need extra guidance, we are here for you. We want you to succeed so we are setting up not only your dog for success but your family. 

How is this like a dog board and train program?

Someone is teaching your dog the behaviors and all you have to do is implement it at home. Since we're professionals, we can get the timing right and get results you want faster than on your own.

How is this different than a dog board and train program?

Your dog will still sleep at home and have Tuesday, Thursday, and weekends that you will work with your dog. Having your dog learn in our controlled environment and your home will help your dog learn faster in more environments like on walks, pet fairs, the beach, etc. Your dog will still be primarily learning from you but will be able to learn the basic behavior faster from our certified dog trainers. 

Who will be teaching my dog?

Right now we have two dog trainers that are both certified professionals. Melissa Etzler, owner of TDS, and Robin Downing KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA. Both have openings each month and students are randomly placed. If you want a specific trainer please email or and set up your training through either dog trainer.

Does my dog have to attend Day School each day?

Yes. The Day School calendar shows the schedule of each month. Blue days are class one, the beginning of the month class. Green days are class two, the middle of the month. Both classes are the same, just at different starting point of the month. See which class you can make all 6 days for and book for that class.

What if my dog gets sick and can't come to school?

Make up days will be done and scheduled based on the individual student and which class is missed. 

Can I pick up my dog early?

No, your dog must stay until 4pm each school day.

Can I drop my dog off after 9am?

No, your dog needs to be at school at 9:00am each school day.

Can I pick up my dog late?

Yes, day school dogs receive free daycare on school days daycare is open from 6:30am-6:00pm.

Can I drop off my dog early?

Yes, day school dogs receive free daycare on school days daycare is open from 6:30am-6:00pm.

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