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We pride ourselves on providing the best, most well-rounded doggy daycare in Sussex, Pewaukee, Brookfield, Hartland and Menomonee Falls, WI. Catering to you and your dog is what we do best.


If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact us for an answer! 


What is Enrichment Doggy Daycare?


Enrichment can mean different things to different people. Enrichment at The Dog Sanctuary is very important to your dog's life, and to any other animal you may own. Enrichment is playing with your dog using toys and treats, and training your dog in what they love to do. Enrichment is unique to each dog. The Dog Sanctuary strives to customize each dog's day. Some love to play fetch. Some love to play with other dogs. Some just love to learn and work hard. Whatever their niche is, we will learn it and cater specifically to them. Enrichment is all about enhancing their already fantastic life - we can't wait to make it even better! 



Do you offer boarding?


No. Boarding is a vital service that has to be perfect. Our facility is not suitable for boarding, nor does the service fit with our enrichment program. Doing so would stress the dogs, which we strenuously avoid. We have handlers who offer in-home pet sitting at affordable prices. The added benefits are that they know your dog, your dog trusts them, and you are not letting a stranger into your home.

What if my dog doesn't like being here?


If your dog is stressed or uncomfortable, we as professionals will pursue every means to encourage them to enjoy this type of environment. Sometimes dogs need a a few weeks to come out of their shell and really show their "inner dog." Once they see other dogs playing and having fun, they think (in a doggy-thinking kind of way) "Whoa, I could be having fun!" If your dog truly does NOT feel comfortable being here and we have exhausted all training methods, we will recommend your dog does not attend playgroup for their well-being. Not every dog is right for playgroup ... and that's OK. We support you in any decision you make.


Should I bring my dog every day?

In some situations, and with some dogs, bringing them every day is acceptable. For the most part, we recommend 1-3 days a week. Too much daycare can over-exhaust dogs, where they become crabby and start disliking the program. Dogs need to wind down and relax. If you are going on vacation and would like a sitter to bring your dog every day, we'll ensure they get the rest they need. 


What is required to attend Playgroup at The Dog Sanctuary?

Every dog must have proof of vaccinations before admittance into The Dog Sanctuary: distemper/parvo, bordetella, rabies, and negative fecal for the past year. Every dog must be on a heart worm medication, flea and tick* treatment, and be parasite free.      *Natural flea and tick is encouraged.

Spayed and neutered dogs are welcome to attend playgroup. Males that are intact will be carefully watched and observed to ensure safety for all. Females may not come to playgroup while in season.

We do not want to turn away dogs because of a life decision you made for them. We understand every dog is unique and every situation is different. 


A behavior analysis is conducted by a Dog Sanctuary professional before the first day of playgroup.

You can learn more by clicking here.


Will my little dog be playing with big dogs? How are the playgroups split up?

Dogs are placed into a group based on temperament and play style. A great dane might be best friends with a papillon because they are both gentle. Similarly, a 20-pound terrier might be with larger dogs because they play faster and have a higher energy level. Each group is carefully chosen, and every dog will be more then comfortable in their playgroup.


Some dogs might be able to switch between groups, as well. We would love to have every dog coexist with each other. It's possible that, when their minds are focused on learning and having fun, whoever is there doesn't matter.  


What if a dog isn't behaving? What do you do?

We only use positive training methods at The Dog Sanctuary. A misbehaving dog will never receive a leash correction or negative physical contact, both of which only worsen the behavior.

If a dog isn't behaving well (barking, mounting, stalking), they will be "punished" by putting them on a 2-foot lead at a handler's side. By removing them from play, they realize "I want to be playing, not sitting here watching everyone else have fun." This approach encourages better behavior to earn a better reward.


We do NOT crate dogs for misbehaving. Doing so can destroy all of your positive crate training! If they love being in their crate, then crating them for misbehaving is a reward, not a punishment.   


Will my dog pick up bad habits?

​No. Your dog is learning here. We will not allow them to pick up a bad habit. Your dog should return home with only positive habits and behaviors. This is, after all, why you chose The Dog Sanctuary - so that your pet will come home relaxed and well behaved, ready for more positive interaction with your family. 

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