Non Toxic Pup-pourri Spray Recipe

We've all wondered how to get rid of that typical, stinky dog smell. Here is a great organic and safe recipe to use on your dogs. Please remember that all essential oils are not created equally and it's important to buy pure organic oils from a reputable company. Also remember that some essential oils can cause liver and kidney failure in cats and dogs so it's important to use the safe amount and the safe oils.


What you'll need:

Lavender Essential Oil (we like and use both Young Living and Rocky Mountain Oils)

2 cups of Distilled Water

1 tablespoon of Baking Soda

Glass Spray Bottle


How To:

Put baking soda into a small bowl and place the 25 drops essential oil on top the baking soda. Mash together with a fork and place into your glass spray bottle. Top off with 2 cups of distilled water a viola! Just give it a shake and you have your non toxic organic pu