What's new at The Dog Sanctuary

The Dog Sanctuary is working hard to bring you all something that is needed in the Waukesha County area. We are currently working on our building and business plans to show the Village of Sussex on hopes of approval.


I can hear you all, "Approval for what, Melissa?"


You asked and we're answering! The Dog Sanctuary hopes to bring you overnights by mid to late Summer 2017! We are working hard to be a licensed boarding facility and we are developing a plan unlike any out there. This blog is to help keep you updated on our progress with the village and, quite possibly, a brand new space! (Don't worry, we will be staying in the same building. We will just be obtaining larger suites! More room for fun!)


Once we get the approval from the Village, (I have to deliver a speech on why a quality boarding facility is needed in our immediate area), we can go ahead with building our wonderful lodging area. My wonderful husband and family friends will be helping us build luxurious suite rooms and fun bunkers. We can't wait to share the fun with you!


Thank you to everyone who has supported us these three years.


All my love,