Doggy Day Care

Your dog will play AND learn at the Dog Sanctuary WI!


Dogs are a lot like toddlers, believe it or not.


They love to learn. They need (and want) rules. Provide both, and they grow smarter and better behaved.


Unfortunately, most dog daycares operate in the exact opposite fashion. Dogs engage in free play, then are kenneled for a couple hours … followed by more free play, and more hours in a kennel.


The problem with this structure? There is none.


Most dogs don’t want to play 24/7. It’s overwhelming. Follow this by being kenneled, with no meaning or

education behind it, for hours at a time. The cycle stresses them out.

Your dog has the exact opposite experience at The Dog Sanctuary WI.

Imagine bringing your dog “to school," where they actually learn. This is The Dog Sanctuary WI’s “curriculum.” Your dog can learn more, while becoming a better-behaved pet.

Oh, they’ll have plenty of play time. The Dog Sanctuary WI uses a unique structured daycare routine to fit its dogs’

needs. The components? More learning, more individual care, more love and more personalized attention.

The driving factors are mental stimulation and physical stimulation – which your dog biologically needs,

every day.

The result is a better-behaved dog at home, because they're getting a well-balanced day at school of what they truly want and need. Your bond with them will strengthen … and vice versa.


Are you concerned your dog won't be as tired when they come home? Here’s the scientific truth: When your dog's brain is stimulated, they burn MORE calories than while playing!


Dogs enjoy learning every single day. Different enrichment methods tire your dog in an appropriate way.  Most parents don't have the time (or energy) to train daily … which is why The Dog Sanctuary WI loves doing so!

​The Dog Sanctuary WI is a locally-owned and -operated doggy daycare serving Pewaukee, Sussex, Hartland, Menomonee Falls and Brookfield, WI. It doesn’t use a cookie-cutter schedule created by someone far away, who has never seen the facility nor met its dogs. Our team gets to know each dog personally, with a goal to send them home each night happy and healthy.


Enroll your dog, and see if you don’t notice a difference. Contrary to an old saying, maybe we can all learn a few new tricks.

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N63 W22603 State Hwy 74 | Sussex, WI | 53089

Located on the east end of Main Street near Quad Graphics, and across from Subway.

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N63 W22603

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6:30am - 6:00pm


Mon. Wed. & Fri.


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